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Clementine Music Player 1.1 Available For Download

Clementine, a cross-platform music player inspired by Amarok 1.4, has reached version 1.1, getting podcast support with gpodder.net integration, modbar support along with other new features.Clementine already had support for quite a few online services, such as Grooveshark, Spotify, Last.fm, Icecast, Jamendo, Magnature and others, and even more were added in the latest Clementine 1.1.: Soundcloud and jazzradio.com. The changelog also mentions support for indexing and playing music from Google Drive, but this feature was missing in my test, either because of a bug or maybe this feature is not available for Linux users yet.Other changes in Clementine 1.1:Podcast support with integration with gpodder.netMoodbar supportSupport top lists in Spotify (eg. top 100)Support “My Music” in GroovesharkShow nearby concerts for an artist using the Songkick APIShow .mka, .ape and .wv in file viewMake the grouping of global search results configurableUpdated global search UIAdd support for darklyrics as a lyrics sourceAdd Discogs as an album cover providerMany bug fixesA complete list of changes can be found HERE.Download ClementineClementine binaries are available for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from HERE, along with the source code.Note: the Ubuntu PPA hasn’t been updated with the latest Clementine 1.1 so Ubuntu users

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