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Xfce: Sync To VBlank Support For The Xfwm Compositor [PPA For Ubuntu 12.10]

If you’re experiencing screen tearing in Xfce 4.10, you’ll be glad to know there’s a patch that fixes this, which you can install right away.The patch adds Sync to VBlank support to the Xfwm compositor and while it’s not perfect, it should fix most of the tearing on computers using Intel GPUs (might work with AMD as well). Here are the pros and cons of using this patch, according to the bug report where the patch was submitted:Pros:No tearing when dragging windowsNo tearing when resizing windowsNo tearing when using the flash plugin in firefoxNo tearing in windowed OpenGL applicationsUses less resources since the fps is limited to the display refresh rateCons:Tested only using Intel gpu, but might also work with AMD. It doesn’t work with NvidiaBlocks xfwm’s main loop while waiting on the vertical blankTearing still happens about 10 pixels below the top of the display but since this space is usually only occupied by the title bar, it’s only visible when dragging a window across the drop of the screenThere’s also a small bug and enabling sync to vblank from the GUI doesn’t work, but this can easily be done with a single command.I don’t experience any screen tearing

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