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New Canonical Portal Promotes Ubuntu for the Enterprise

Do you make decisions about IT for a business but lack a strong technical background? If so, Canonical wants to talk to you — which is why it has created a new portal, called “Ubuntu Insights,” targeted at promoting Ubuntu in the enterprise. Here’s a look.
As Marketing Manager Sonia Ouarti explained on the Canonical blog, the new resource is “aimed at business people who may not have a technology background, but who are increasingly faced with decisions that involve enterprise computing.” That especially means, I presume, executives at smaller businesses that may not have expansive IT staff, but nonetheless need to make big decisions about IT investments.
To encourage those decision-makers to consider Ubuntu’s cloud, server and desktop solutions for enterprise computing, the Ubuntu Insights portal offers a range of multimedia content. Current examples include:

A video introducing OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that is central to the cloud solutions being developed by Canonical and a host of other vendors in the channel.
A blog post arguing that Windows 8 is unfit for the enterprise and urging organizations to migrate to Ubuntu on their workstations.
An overview of Landscape, Canonical’s platform for centrally managing large deployments of Ubuntu machines.
And perhaps most interestingly

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