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EEF Criticizes Online Shopping in Ubuntu 12.10

It seems Canonical‘s eleventh hour rush to address user concerns regarding Amazon.com search integration into Ubuntu 12.10 may not have been as successful as the company presumably hoped. Despite the changes, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued a statement and list of demands for further disclosure from Canonical. Will the company ever make peace with its users?
Lots of people, of course, expressed grievances regarding the addition of Amazon.com search results to the Unity interface in recently released version 12.10 of Ubuntu. And many people probably are still less than completely happy with the feature, despite steps Canonical took on the eve of the 12.10 release to reduce privacy issues and other concerns related to the feature.
But the EFF’s statement brings a particularly loud and influential voice into the debate. Unlike individual Ubuntu users upset by the search functionality, the EFF is a venerated organization that generally commands a great deal of respect within the open source channel for its support of digital rights. It’s also an organization Canonical has helped support in the past through proceeds donated from games sold in the Ubuntu Software Center.
The EFF on Ubuntu 12.10
Canonical would therefore do well to heed the EFF’s criticisms regarding

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