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Xnoise Media Player Gets New Album Art View

Xnoise 0.2.13 has been released today, introducing a new Album Art view, similar to the one available in Banshee or in Rhythmbox through the CoverArt Browser plugin, along with a new application icon created by Reda Lazri.The new Album Art view can be accessed from the toolbar/menu or by using the CTRL + B keyboard shortcut. There’s an integrated search too, which supports searching for artist, album or track name so you don’t have to exit the Album Art view to find out on which album you can find a certain track:New Xnoise album art viewOther changes in Xnoise 0.2.13:Revamped ‘Now Playing’ image rendering with reflectionsAdd weblink to keyboard shortcuts in help menuUse symbolic icon in volume sliderImplement MPRIS 2 seekEnable support for more media typesMingw compatibility fixesNew Xnoise iconXnoise is a fast GTK+ media player written in Vala, which supports both music and video files. It features automatic album art fetching, a nice “Now Playing” pane, media keys sypport, plugins for online services like UbuntuOne Music Store, Last.fm, Lyrics as well as Ubuntu integration such as Quicklists, HUD support, SoundMenu integration and notifications. Here’s a video recorded by the Xnoise developer, demoing some of the features available in the

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