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How To Set Up Compiz In Xubuntu 12.10 Or 12.04

This article shows how to set up Compiz in Xubuntu (w/ Xfce) 12.10 or 12.04. I’ve tested the instructions below on Xubuntu 12.10, but they should work on Xubuntu 12.04 as well – there are some minor differences which I’ve explained below.Before proceeding, please note that to be able to use Compiz, you’ll obviously need a 3D capable graphics card and drivers.Let’s get started!How to use Compiz in Xubuntu (w/ Xfce) 12.10 or 12.041. Install Compiz, the main Compiz plugins and CompizConfig Settings Manager:sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins compizconfig-settings-manager2. You’ll also need a tool to change the window titlebar theme (since Metacity will be used). To keep things light and without the need to add any PPAs, we’ll use dconf-editor / gconf-editor in the steps below.For Ubuntu 12.10, install dconf-tools:sudo apt-get install dconf-toolsThen press ALT + F2 and run: “dconf-editor”, navigate to org > gnome > desktop > vm > preferences and change the “theme” value from “Adwaita” to “Greybird”. Remember this because in the same place you can also change the window button layout, among others.For Ubuntu 12.04, install gconf-editor:sudo apt-get install gconf-editorThen press ALT + F2 and run: “gconf-editor”, navigate to apps > metacity > general and set

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