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Canonical Debuts GUI for Cloud Service Management

Ubuntu Server may be one of the few enterprise operating systems that still ships without any kind of graphical interface by default, but that doesn’t mean Canonical is adverse to the value of GUIs for server admins. On the contrary, the company recently introduced a new graphical tool for managing Juju, Ubuntu’s server and cloud orchestration management tool. Read on for a closer look.
Creating a GUI for Juju only makes sense. After all, the primary purpose of Juju, which Canonical developed itself, is to make it easy to deploy services within cloud or traditional server environments with a minimal amount of hacking. Juju achieves this by using “charms” that IT admins can download from the Charm Store to enable to set up a variety of different services, such as Hadoop, Ceph and WordPress.
Previously, installing charms required a little bit of command line prowess. But with the debut of Ubuntu 12.10, Canonical has released a Web based graphical interface for managing Juju charms that looks something (actually, exactly) like this:

The interface, according to Canonical, will make Juju more accessible for most users in several respects:
You can select services from a library of nearly 100 charms, covering applications from node.js to Hadoop.

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