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Highly Customizable, Chameleonic GNOME Shell theme `Elegance Colors` Sees New Release

Elegance Colors, a chameleonic, highly customizable GNOME Shell theme, has been updated today, the new version bringing an option to export a customized theme for later use. The latest Elegance Colors 0.3 works with GNOME Shell 3.6 and the best thing about it is that the theme changes its colors according to the current GTK theme, wallpaper or an user-defined color. The theme also comes with a configuration tool which can be used to customize it: use light or dak menus, change the panel or menu opacity, font size and other options.Here are a few examples of customizations supported by Elegance Colors:Default settings, color derived from the wallpaperColor based on the current wallpaper, light menu styleColor derived from the wallpaper, light menu style, smaller font size, 0.2 panel opacity, no panel corner roundnessBesides the option to export a customized theme, Elegance Colors 0.3 also brings more customization options: set gradient size, transition duration and box shadow. Also, in the new version, theme changes are applied instantly.To use the new “Export theme” option, open Elegance Colors Preferences and from the GMenu, select Export theme. The theme will be exported to a .zip file – don’t install it using GNOME Tweak Tool

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