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Full Circle Magazine #65 – Some Numbers

With Full Circle #66 out, I thought I’d have a look back at the numbers for Full Circle #65. Not because they’re amazing or scientifically in depth. No, it’s because I’m bored, and it’s been available for over a month.
So, without further ado, here are some completely unscientific numbers:
The Main Site
Obviously most of our downloads come from this here site:

Now, that’s, 14,919 views of the FCM#65 page. That doesn’t include someone, anyone, linking directly to the PDF. You can see the sharp spike when it was released with about 3,500 page views in one day. Just over 2,000 the following day. For the next two weeks the FCM#65 page averaged about 250 page views and for the last two weeks (of this graph) it averaged about 150 page views per day.
For that same time frame the visitors came from:

Next on the list is Issuu. It’s only recently that I uploaded the PDF’s to Issuu for viewing online. Last time we put issues up for reading online we got yelled at by many people who thought we were abandoning the PDF download. No. Never. Shant. The PDF download will always be here. It gives people the chance to read FCM when

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