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Linux Mint 14 RC Available For Download

Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” release candidate, based on Ubuntu 12.10, has been made available for download yesterday and, like the previous version, is available for download in two editions: MATE and Cinnamon.Linux Mint 14 Mate RCLinux Mint 14 RC MATE edition features MATE 1.4, which brings lots of bug fixes, as well as some minor new features:bluetooth and mate-keyring are now functionalDropbox support for Caja (file manager)Caja improvements: toggle button for text-based location bar, button to get the difference between files in the file conflict dialog and moreLinux Mint 14 Cinnamon RCLinux Mint 14 RC Cinnamon edition ships with the latest Cinnamon 1.6, which comes with a huge list of improvements. To name just a few:a 2D session (uses software rendering)ALT + Tab improvements, including thumbnails or previewsimproved sound appletGrid view in Expopersistent workspaces to which you can give a namePanel: options to configure auto-hide delay and panel height have been addedadded window quicklists, an applet which lists all the windows available across workspacesadded a notification applet which keeps a history of desktop notificationsmany other new features and bug fixesFor more info about Cinnamon 1.6, including a video, see our previous post: New Cinnamon 1.6 Release Adds 2D Session, New

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