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Add a "New Empty File" Entry To Nautilus 3.6 Context Menu

As you probably know, a small but useful feature – at least for me -, was removed from Nautilus 3.6 (and newer): the context menu option to create a new empty text file. So here’s a quick tip on how to get this feature back. Nautilus 3.6 is not used by default in Ubuntu 12.10, but it can be installed from the GNOME 3 PPA.The instructions below will add a “New empty file” entry to the Nautilus 3.6 context (right click) menu by using a tiny extension. To do this, open a terminal and copy/paste the following commands:mkdir -p /.local/share/nautilus-python/extensionsgedit ~/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions/nautilus-acme.pyIn the file that opens in Gedit (nautilus-acme.py), paste the code from HERE, then save the file.And finally, restart Nautilus using the following command:nautilus -qYou should now have a “New empty file” context menu entry in Nautilus 3.6 like in the screenshot above (tested with 3.6, but it might work in newer versions like 3.7).Update: for an alternate method using “Templates”, see THIS AskUbuntu post.thanks to notes & snippets for the extension!
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