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GNOME Dev Responds to Criticism of Open Source Interface

One might reasonably assume that the controversy surrounding the design of GNOME 3, which was released well over a year ago, would have abated by now. But in one of the clearest signs that it hasn’t, a leading GNOME developer recently posted a strongly worded tirade against critics of the open source desktop environment — namely, the “crazies” and “yellow journalists.”
The developer, Federico Mena-Quintero, published his thoughts on his personal blog, not any official GNOME outlet. Still, as one of the cofounders of the GNOME project, he carries a lot of weight within the open source community.
We can’t quote many of Mena-Quintero’s comments here, since they’re peppered with words inappropriate for a family-friendly blog. But the gist of his post is that GNOME has faced undue criticism from two main groups: Pessimistic, hostile users (“The crazies. The slashdot hordes, the peanut gallery”) who will invariably complain no matter what developers do, and uninformed “yellow journalists” who are more interested in sensational claims than taking the time to understand why GNOME works the way it does.
Admittedly, the attack hits a little close to home, since we here on The VAR Guy started covering GNOME 3 and GNOME Shell as early as

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