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openSUSE 12.3 Reaches Another Milestone

The openSUSE team have released Milestone 1 of the upcoming openSUSE 12.3. 12.3 is planned for release in March 2013 and the first milestone was released a month ago. The newest milestone has lot of structural improvements as well as the usual application updates. In a post on opensuse.org Will Stephenson outlined many of the updates. He said,   the init system continues to evolve rapidly. Sysvinit has now been removed, following some discussion. Given complete dominion over the boot procedure and device management, systemd has swallowed udev and udisks whole, and the result is systemd v195, up from v44!.   This offers the following features: * Completely migrated to /usr* Improved journal data and queries* Additional conditions for unit files (the systemd equivalent of /etc/init.d/ scripts under sysvinit)* /media temporary mount points are now under /run/user/ * Suspend, hibernate and the laptop lid switch are now handled by systemd   Stephenson also states that the plug has been pulled on SuSEconfig. SuSEconfig has been the topic of many lively discussions over the years and wasn’t really popular. "SuSEconfig was created to replace /etc/rc.config and the often-criticized direct modification of config files by YaST, as a modular host

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