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Could Ubuntu Power Your Phone?

Ubuntu on smartphones remains a totally theoretical proposition. But that hasn’t stopped Canonical from releasing a video showcasing all the cool things that Ubuntu could do if it did run on phones. Is the company getting ahead of itself, or is this a sign that Ubuntu might finally be poised to make the jump to the mobile world?
The quirky, animated video sings the praises of Ubuntu for smartphones in a quick, two-minute clip:
Click here to view the embedded video.
As the narrator points out, running Ubuntu on your phone would theoretically allow you to do lots of cool things that aren’t possible with most existing smartphones. Chief among them is powering an entire desktop PC setup — minus the actual PC — with your phone by connecting it to a monitor and other peripheral devices.
The video also suggests that as an operating system designed for general purpose computing, Ubuntu is better positioned than Android or iOS to meet the needs of people who who want to use their phones to get real work done, not just send texts or make calls — although Ubuntu will be able to do that too, we’re promised.
Fantasy and Reality
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