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Unity Game Development Platform Now Has Linux Dev Preview

In some recent posts, we reported that after several years of slim pickings for Linux gamers, things really began to heat up on the Linux and open source gaming front. Valve, which has delivered very attractive game bundles through its Steam service on non-Linux platforms, is in beta testing with its Linux offering. Meanwhile, Desura and the Ouya platform are generating buzz. Now, the Unity game engine and development platform has arrived (no, it has nothing to do with the Unity graphical interface) in version 4.0, and it features a pre-release version of a module to allow deployment of new games on Linux. According to Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason: "Unity is a dream we’ve had for years. A dream of packaging up the fanciest game engine technology into a bundle that’s extremely approachable, affordable, and still flexible and powerful enough for the most demanding users. And a dream of running an important and long-lived company that helps game developers all over the world as much as we possibly can." "Unity 4.0 marks the release of the Mecanim animation system and we think it’s mind-blowingly awesome. It’s going to change the way a lot of people make games

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