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Full Circle Podcast Episode 31: The Difficult Third Episode!!

Full Circle Podcast Episode 31, The Difficult Third Episode!!

In this episode Olly & Tony bring everyone up-to-date with what´s been going on in the ¨Summer Break¨, Olly talks about his new gnomebuntu install, Codeacadamy and Tony talks about his new toy, the Nexus 7

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Running Time: 57 minutes 45 seconds
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Your Hosts:

Tony Hughes (Google + http://plus.google.com/101988366830118285114/)
Olly Clark (Google + http://plus.google.com/103073417601965434371/ twitter @ollyclarkdotorg)
Jon Chamberlain (Google + http://plus.google.com/102119503691228033435/ twitter @jonachamberlain)

Show Notes
01:15 | WELCOME and INTRO:
01:55 | Since Last Time

Tony – Has attended Oggcamp, Barcamp Blackpool and has started at University which includes a work placement. He has also purchase a 16Gb Nexus 7
Olly – Also attended Barcamp Blackpool and the second Day of Oggcamp, he also attended Barcamp Liverpool aswell. He bought himself a Zoom H4n and recorded talks at both Barcamps. Also Bought a RAID card and 2 x 360Gb SSDs and installed Gnomebuntu 12.10.
Tony and Olly jointly review Oggcamp, discuss Stephen Fry´s Q&A/VideoCast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nefPAXvMSKk and the documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBsIDCA1__w&list=UUGs4MRVi1ROtfpTtCh4l4sg&index=9&feature=plcp which was sponsored by OpenLabs

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