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How To Use Hybrid Suspend In Ubuntu

Firstly, here’s what hybrid suspend does:initially, the computer is suspended to RAM, which is quick to suspend / resume but it also uses some powerif the computer doesn’t wake up after a configurable amount of time, suspend to disk is used so the computer stops using any power (it’s the same as if it was powered off) – this is also known as hibernationBasically, using the hybrid suspend method from this article, the system initially enters suspend which is quick to resume and after the time you set, the system hibernates so it no longer uses any battery power. This is useful if for example you close the lid when you move from one room to another (between meetings, classrooms, etc.) and you need the system to resume quickly, but you also want to preserve battery power if you don’t use it.There is another “true” hybrid suspend method (available in Linux kernel 3.6 – Ubuntu 12.10 uses Linux kernel 3.5, so it’s not in Ubuntu by default yet) in which the system suspends to both the RAM and hard disk in the same time, which is useful to get both a quick resume / suspend and be able to resume

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