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The Linux Foundation’s UEFI Secure Boot Solution Is Delayed

Linux users who have tracked each step in the endless saga surrounding the Windows 8 UEFI Secure Boot scheme may be disappointed to hear that a promised workaround is delayed. Last year, in the post "Will Windows 8 Lock Linux Out of PCs?," I discussed a Microsoft methodology for ultra-fast booting of Windows 8 PC through a specification called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). Linux users cried foul over it, because UEFI makes it technically possible for a hardware manufacturer to deliver a Windows 8 machine that won’t boot an alternative operating system. Finally, The Linux Foundation came up with a plan "to enable Linux (and indeed all Open Source based distributions) to continue operating as Secure Boot enabled systems roll out." We covered plans for the workaround here, but now it is confirmed that it will be delayed. “We have the code for the Linux Foundation pre-bootloader in place,” James Bottomley writs in a blog post. “However, there was a delay while we got access to the Microsoft signing system." Bottomley, Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board, continues: "We’re still waiting for Microsoft to give the Linux Foundation a validly signed pre-bootloader….Once the agreements are signed

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