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GNOME Control Center 3.6 Available In The GNOME 3 PPA [Ubuntu 12.10]

GNOME Control Center 3.6 (along with GNOME Settings Daemon 3.6) has finally made it into the GNOME 3 PPA for Ubuntu 12.10. This was the last piece that was missing for Ubuntu 12.10 users to get a truly complete GNOME 3.6 experience.Here’s what’s new in GNOME Control Center 3.6 (version in the PPA is 3.6.3) compared to the previous version available for Ubuntu 12.10 users (3.4.2):Background: new designMouse: new designMouse: new testing areaMouse: natural scrolling option added (“Content sticks to fingers”) Sound: Remove hardware page, and offer different connectors directly from the input and output pagesKeyboard: Add common keyboard layout related options to the shortcuts tabNetwork: Improve the Wi-Fi page layoutNetwork: Split the wireless panelNetwork: Add network strength to the details panelWacom: add support for “switch monitor” shortcutPrinters: redesigned “new printer” dialogNew option to show notifications in the GNOME Shell lock screenThe old Appearance panel (this includes the old background pane, Unity settings etc.) is now displayed only under Unity and comes as a separate packageMany other changesHere are a few screenshots:To upgrade to the latest stable GNOME Control Center 3.6.3 in Ubuntu 12.10, use the following command to add the GNOME 3 PPA (the PPA will also upgrade Nautilus,

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