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Linux Mint 14 Enhances Open Source Interfaces

In case there’s not enough spice in your holiday season already, the latest and greatest version of Linux Mint has debuted, bringing with it huge interface enhancements, new apps and more. Here’s a look at the most significant updates to what is quite possibly the world’s most popular desktop open source operating system.
Based on Ubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14, which was officially released last week, is pretty similar to its parent operating system in technical terms. Its application stack is largely the same, with the exception of Ubuntu specific programs, such as Canonical‘s Ubuntu Software Center and the Ubuntu One data syncing service, that are not present in Mint.
But while Mint owes much of its backbone to Ubuntu developers, it is very different in centrally important ways. Above all, Mint offers alternative desktop environments to users dissatisfied with Unity, the default in Ubuntu, and GNOME Shell, a leading open source interface found in many other mainstream Linux distributions. The standard version of Mint instead offers the MATE and Cinnamon interfaces, whose development has now become closely linked to Mint’s.
In Mint 14, MATE and Cinnamon have both received major enhancements. The release features MATE 1.4, which according to Mint developers “not

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