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Zukitwo, Adwaita Cupertino Themes Ported To GTK 3.6

Two pretty popular GTK3 themes have been updated to work with the latest stable GTK 3.6 recently: Zukitwo and Adwaita Cupertino (now called Gnome Cupertino).Gnome Cupertino (previously known as Adwaita Cupertino) is a GTK2/3 theme pack based on the colors of Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Lion, each with variations optimized for either GNOME Shell or Unity.Because Adwaita Cupertino was practically we-written from scratch in the transition to GTK 3.6 and also, since the theme doesn’t uses the Adwaita Engine for several versions, its designer decided to rename it to Gnome Cupertino.The package available in our PPA has two themes: the default Gnome Cupertino and a variant optimized for Unity, but inside the theme folder (e.g. /usr/share/themes/Gnome-Cupertino) you’ll find some alternate Metacity / Unity buttons which you can use, but you must make the changes manually – see the readme.txt file inside the theme folder. In the same file you can also tweak the theme to use a custom style for Nautilus 3.4 because by default, it’s optimized for Nautilus 3.6.Since the theme has just been ported to GTK 3.6, there are some bugs. For instance, the GNOME Classic indicators have a weird white border at the bottom. Hopefully this

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