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Splashtop Remote Desktop Product Now Supports Ubuntu

If you operate solely in the world of proprietary software, it’s easy to think that Microsoft‘s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) emerged as the preeminent remote-access solution a long time ago. But in a sign that the battle for this niche is hardly over–and that cross-platform compatibility is key to winning it–Splashtop, an alternative to RDP, recently announced support for Ubuntu Linux in its desktop streaming platform, making it easier to access Ubuntu PCs from anywhere.
RDP, of course, is hardly the only desktop-sharing solution available today. There are plenty of alternatives, such as VNC (which is implemented in a variety of different clients, the most popular being RealVNC and TightVNC) and NoMachine NX. And if you’re a geek, there are lots of other more interesting ways to connect to remote computers, like sharing X11 sessions over SSH.
But in many enterprises, RDP has become the only real game in town for remote access. It’s built into the Windows desktops that employees use, and often also into their PCs at home. And with RDP clients available for all major operating systems, including Linux–and integrated into Canonical‘s Ubuntu Business Remix–the protocol is hard to avoid even for sworn enemies of Microsoft.
Splashnote Streamer for Ubuntu

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