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2 Beautiful Dark Themes For GTK 3.6 Or 3.4 [Ubuntu PPA]

We’ve got quite a few requests to post some dark GTK3 themes, so here it is: DeLorean Dark and MediterraneanNight are two great dark GTK3 themes that support both GTK 3.6 (Ubuntu 12.10) and 3.4 (Ubuntu 12.04).DeLorean DarkDeLorean Dark is a beautiful GTK3 theme that supports the latest GTK 3.6. There’s also a GTK2 theme available, which has been completely redesigned recently.Also, the theme isn’t just for GNOME (this includes Unity, Cinnamon, etc.), there are Xfce and Openbox themes available as well.Here are some DeLorean Dark screenshots:To install DeLorean Dark in Ubuntu 12.10, use the following commands:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install delorean-dark-theme-3.6The theme is also available for GTK 3.4 / Ubuntu 12.04. To install it in Ubuntu 12.04, instead of the last command above, use:sudo apt-get install delorean-darkFor other Linux distributions and some extras which include Firefox, Thunderbird or Chromium themes, tweaks and fixes, see the DeLorean Dark DeviantArt page: for GTK 3.6 | for GTK 3.4.MediterraneanNightMediterraneanNight is a pack of 3 darkish GTK3 themes that’s available for both GTK 3.4 and 3.6: MediterraneanDark, MediterraneanLight and MediterraneanNight as well as for Xfce. The theme is a variation of Adwaita Cupertino (now called Gnome Cupertino) with dark colors, which not

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