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What’s Dell’s Next Open Source Move?

The Ubuntu-powered laptop recently released by Dell’s Project Sputnik has generated a lot of buzz, especially in the open source community. Now, many Linux enthusiasts are hoping to see a continued expansion of Dell’s open source hardware lineup. And according to Project Sputnik lead Barton George, they may not be disappointed. Here’s what he had to say about Dell’s future open source strategy in a recent interview.
As longtime observers of the open source channel know, Dell’s relationship with the Linux community has been rough at times. As the only major OEM that offers Ubuntu pre-installed on consumer-class laptops and desktops, Dell has paid significant attention to the Linux demographic, which most other big-name hardware manufacturers have entirely ignored. Still, the company’s inconsistent selection of Ubuntu PCs and lack of full-scale marketing initiatives for them have left some open source fans less than ecstatic.
For these doubters, the high-end XPS 13 laptop released last week by Dell’s Project Sputnik initiative and targeted at developers is an encouraging move. It demonstrates Dell’s willingness to continue new experiments with open source software.
Dell and Open Source: What Comes Next
Will further Linux-based PCs follow in the wake of Sputnik’s first laptop? While George made clear that

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