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Canonical to Expand Online Commercial Features in Ubuntu

Online integration and commercial search results in Ubuntu‘s Unity interface are here to stay–and will grow more comprehensive in the next release of the operating system, according to Canonical. But so, too, will tools for controlling and filtering results. Read on for a preview of developers’ current plans for this novel, if controversial, component of one of the world’s most popular open source platforms.
First, a little history. For the Ubuntu 12.10 release that appeared in October, Canonical introduced a new feature that lists products from Amazon.com in response to user queries in the “Dash” portion of Unity’s interface. Previously, Dash search results were limited to items stored on the local computer. The Amazon.com integration provided a new revenue stream for Canonical, but did not sit well with all Ubuntu users, who expressed concerns over privacy and what some viewed as the unfounded commercialization of the operating system.
In the next version of Ubuntu, 13.04, the integration of online search results into the Dash will expand, according to Canonical’s blog. Through the addition of new “scopes,” the back ends that aggregate search results for presentation in the dash, users will see items from more online services when they enter queries in Unity.

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