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Install SparkleShare 1.0 In Ubuntu (Dropbox-Like File Synchronization Tool)

SparkleShare is an open source file synchronization and collaboration tool somewhat similar to Dropbox, available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.SparkleShare uses GIT version control system and can be used with code hosting services like GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitorious as well as your own server.SparkleShare features:presets for projects hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitoriousa recent changes window shows who changed whatrestore deleted files or revert to previous versionsconflict handlingnotificationsclient side encryptionoptional Ubuntu AppIndicatorIn previous versions there used to be Nautilus integration but unfortunately this has been removed about 2 months ago, however, everything you need is integrated into the “Recent Changes dialog”:E.g.: to restore a previous file version, from the main “Recent Changes” dialog view, click on the timestamp next to a file:Install SparkleShare 1.0 in UbuntuThe SparkleShare version available in the official repositories is a bit old – 0.9.0, but if you don’t want to add a PPA, you can use that. Some of the changes included in SparkleShare since version 0.9.0 are: new status icons, project folders can be renamed, new GNOME 3 symbolic icon, restore previous revisions of files from the event log and other changes as well as many many bug fixes – changelog here.SparkleShare 1.0

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