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Coming in Ubuntu 13.04: Purchases from the Desktop

Searching in the Dash in the latest version of Ubuntu has been very widely debated recently, especially as many users express umbrage at the fact that, by default, Amazon search results are included in results. Desktop search, though, is an ongoing point of focus for Canonical in improving Ubuntu and a new post from Canonical’s Cristian Parrino makes clear what some of the advancements in Ubuntu 13.04’s desktop search will be. Instant purchases from the desktop are on the slate. According to Parrino’s post, these enhancements will show up in version 13.04: Instant Purchasing – being able to purchase music or apps directly from the Dash, without opening a browser or a separate client. In 13.04, we expect to enable instant payments, powered by Ubuntu One, for both applications from the Software Center and music from the Music Store – to deliver the fastest possible purchasing experience directly from the Dash. Smart Scopes – Scopes are the daemons capable of presenting local or remote information right in the Dash. In 13.04, we will increase the number of scopes installed by default in Ubuntu (including many existing community developed scopes) and introduce the ability to automatically light up the right

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