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Linux Google Drive Client Insync Gets Xfce And Mate Desktop Integration

Insync, an unofficial Google Drive Linux client that’s available for a wide range of desktop environments has been updated today, getting support for MATE Desktop (Caja) and Xfce (Thunar).Here’s the Insync or Linux Beta 11 changelog:Fixed symlink to symlink (chain of symlinks);Mate desktop support – Caja emblems and context menu;Xfce – Thunar 1.5 emblems and context menu.I’ve only tested the new Xfce (Thunar) support and it works, but there are some minor glitches. However, this is the first Insync for Xfce release, so hopefully all the issues will be fixed soon. For instance, Insync for Xfce requires “thunarx-python” (version 0.3) which isn’t available in the official Ubuntu repositories – you can however, install it from our PPA, see below. Also, the official release notes mention that it should work with Thunar 1.5; since both Xubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 ship with Thunar 1.4 and the Xfce 4.12 PPA has Thunar 1.6, I’ve tested it with these two versions and: with Thunar 1.4, the context menu items work, but there are no file emblems and with Thunar 1.6, the context menu items work and the file emblems don’t work for most files which I’ve already had in my Google Drive.Anyway, the important

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