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How To Install Nemo File Manager In Ubuntu

After forking GNOME Shell (Cinnamon), Mutter (Muffin) and MDM (GDM 2.20), the Linux Mint team has forked Nautilus and the result is Nemo, a file manager which is now used by default in Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition.Initially, Nemo used to look the same as the patched SolusOS Nautilus so I didn’t write about how to install it since it was basically the same thing under a different name.But Nemo has evolved, gaining many new features and under the hood optimizations and tweaks. Here are some of the features available for Nemo file manager (for the version available in GIT / Cinnamon Nightly PPA) that aren’t included in Nautilus 3.4:Unified, configurable toolbar: you can add/remove the following: up icon, refresh icon, toggle button for the location bar / path bar, home icon, computer icon and search icon.Detachable tabsOption to show the full path in the titlebar and tab bars (Preferences > Display)Displays an “elevated privileges” banner when running as rootBuilt in “Open as root” context menu itemBuilt in “Open in terminal” context menu itemAdded GTK bookmarks to the MoveTo/CopyTo context menusAdded “Set as Wallpaper” to the context menuSwitch view buttons on the toolbar (Grid, List and Compact views)Drag and drop support

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