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Canonical Supplies New Tools for Linux Evangelists

Ubuntu may not quite be a religion, but it has its committed evangelists all the same. And now, Canonical has made their jobs easier with the release of an official “Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit.” Will Ubuntu fans soon be showing up on your doorstep, asking you to convert? Probably not, but the move is an interesting endeavor nonetheless.
As Jono Bacon, official “community manager” for the Ubuntu world, explained recently on his blog, he and others conceptualized the Advocacy Development Kit as “everything you need to get started spreading the word about Ubuntu.” That includes posters, tips on evangelizing Ubuntu as a platform and instructions for forming and administering LoCo Teams, the groups of Ubuntu enthusiasts organized at the local level.
A few days ago, the kit became available as a PPA, which means it can be “installed” via the Ubuntu Software Center and then loaded (via the Web browser) by searching in the Dash of Ubuntu’s Unity interface. To me, it seems a little strange to distribute the kit in this way, since it’s mostly just a set of simple files that could be just as easily downloaded directly through a Web browser, but perhaps Bacon and his team have their

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