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Linux Developers Promise Better Touch Support

Support for touch-enabled devices traditionally hasn’t been high on the list of Linux kernel developers, who tend to focus their energies on more traditional computing platforms. But if all goes according to plan, future versions of the open source operating system may come with significant touch support built in, according to developers. And if that happens, it could have major implications throughout the channel.
Linux, of course, already powers a lot of touch-enabled devices, from Android phones to the Ubuntu Nexus 7 tablet. But the software that makes touch work for those platforms was generally developed on a case-by-case basis, since the Linux kernel itself lacks integrated support for touch-ready hardware.
That seems set to change, however–and the credit, at least partially and indirectly, goes to Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). As Phoronix reports, plans for version 3.8 of the Linux kernel, which is currently in development and will likely appear in the first months of the new year, include better implementation of the multitouch protocol specified for Windows 8.
According to kernel developers, multitouch support will now be easier to implement because Microsoft’s latest protocol defines the requisite functionality with much greater precision than previous iterations. In addition, since Microsoft certifies hardware to work

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