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What Linux Did in the Cloud and the Desktop in 2012

As we noted last week, the Linux Foundation‘s list of major Linux-related accomplishments over the last year centered on advances in embedded and mobile platforms more than on traditional hardware. The Linux Foundation’s summary aside, however, there were plenty of openvsource achievements in other areas that are worth noting before the outgoing years passes us by.
Without a doubt, the progress Linux vendors made integrating open source solutions into platforms such as automotive computers, Android-based mobile devices and Chromebooks, all of which the Linux Foundation highlighted, were very notable. They represent key areas in which Linux is likely to enjoy continued momentum going into 2012.
Linux in the Cloud
I was surprised, however, that the Linux Foundation paid such relatively little heed to the success of Linux and other open source technologies in the cloud over the last year. With the establishment of the OpenStack Foundation and the maturation of Big Data platforms including Hadoop and Ceph, open source has seemingly cemented its toehold in the cloud market.
Perhaps this news didn’t make the Linux Foundation’s list because it doesn’t exactly involve Linux specifically. These technologies are open source, but they’re not based on the Linux kernel. Still, their prevalence in enterprise cloud infrastructures

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