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How To Get A Global Menu In MATE Desktop

MATE GlobalMenu is an applet forked from the old GNOME2 GlobalMenu project, which adds a global menu to the MATE panel.Mate GlobalMenu is based off the upstream GNOME GlobalMenu v0.7.10 and it only supports GTK2 applications, so don’t expect Firefox, LibreOffice or Qt applications to work with this, but it’s nevertheless an useful addition to the MATE desktop, especially for small screens.The applet comes with various options:show the active application icon and/or application titledisplay the menu both on the panel and inside the application window;a “tiny” mode;enable/disable F10 key to access the menu;more.According to its GitHub page, the applet is supposed to work with the latest stable MATE v1.4 and I can confirm that it works as I’ve tested it with Linux Mint 14 MATE (with MATE 1.4).Install MATE GlobalMenu in Ubuntu / Linux Mint MATE / LMDEMATE GlobalMenu comes with a repository available for LMDE which works with Ubuntu 12.10 or Linux Mint 14 MATE (it doesn’t work with Linux Mint 13, at least not with the default repositories). However, the repository is unfortunately only available for 64bit! To add it and install MATE GlobalMenu, use the following commands:wget http://jas.gemnetworks.com/jasmineaura.gpg.key -O- | sudo apt-key add -echo “deb http://jas.gemnetworks.com/debian debian

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