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Red Hat Expands Cloud Portfolio with ManageIQ Acquisition

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the open source channel’s largest commercial entity, will be ringing in the new year with a new lineup of cloud computing products–all for the low price of $104 million, which is what the company paid to acquire ManageIQ, a developer of cloud administration and automation solutions. Will a stronger cloud portfolio help Red Hat revenue climb even higher in 2013?
Announced on Dec. 20, Red Hat’s agreement to purchase ManageIQ is the culmination of talks between the two companies that began last fall. It will leave ManageIQ and its approximately 100 employees intact as a subsidiary of Red Hat, at least for now.
The deal promises to increase the market exposure of ManageIQ’s cloud tools substantially, while also helping to fill some key gaps in Red Hat’s cloud portfolio, particularly in the area of hybrid cloud computing. Now, alongside its homegrown CloudForms and enterprise virtualization platforms, Red Hat will offer ManageIQ’s cloud management products to provide more comprehensive monitoring and governance infrastructure for the cloud.
At the same time, because ManageIQ’s solutions support Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and with support for Rackspace Cloud planned for the future, the deal will significantly expand Red Hat’s presence within all

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