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Virtualization and the Multiple-OS Future

Everywhere you look, there are signs that virtualization–which allows companies and individual users to leverage multiple operating systems on single devices–is the wave of the future. There are numerous benefits to running several operating systems, including having the maximum possible number of useful software applications available to run. This holiday season, I inherited a Windows 8 laptop and quickly discovered that I don’t like the Windows 8 interface at all. It also includes the UEFI Secure Boot BIOS technology that prevents me from easily putting Linux on the laptop to run natively. So I quickly and easily created virtual machines that run Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Here is how you can do this without any hassle at all.  After using the Windows 8 interface for about 15 minutes, it was easy to see that I wouldn’t be available to tolerate it. Seriously, what was Microsoft thinking with this OS? Swipe your trackpad at this or that angle and your desktop interface goes into an inexplicable tablet-like frenzy of operations that make no sense. So I experimented with running Linux natively on the laptop, but UEFI Secure Boot won’t allow that. Wow, is this annoying. On some Windows 8

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