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FOSS Movie Trailer Features Linus Torvalds Dissing Apple

Are you ready for a movie about the growing influence of open source software, featuring cameos from movers and shakers including Linus Torvalds and Jono Bacon? You can watch an interesting trailer for one on Indiegogo, where the filmmakers are seeking to raise $150,000 to finish the film. The filmmakers have already interviewed many open source pundits, and the trailer includes a few notable comments, including a large swipe at Apple from Linus Torvalds. The proposed movie is called Software Wars, and the trailer notes many of the milestones that Linux and the open source movement have reached recently. For example, the trailer notes that the majority of supercomputers run Linux, and it covers several of the major industries where open source software is disrupting the status quo. In one of the choice moments in the trailer, a montage of newspaper clippings appears featuring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s famous quote stating that open source is "a cancer." Just after the montage, Linus Torvalds appears and plainly states that Microsoft was perceived as running an "evil empire," but that Apple has now taken that crown. Leave it to Linus to wax controversial. Software Wars looks like an interesting project. Check

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