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Five Biggest Open Source Developments in 2012

As trite as countdown lists can be, ending the year just wouldn’t feel right without churning out one of my own. In that spirit, I’ve spent a while reflecting upon the most important developments in the open source world in 2012. If you can stomach another one of these essays on the eve of the new year, keep reading for some perspective on the greatest things open source did in 2012, and the path it’s set to take for 2013.
All in all, the last year has been a pretty positive one for the open source channel. It wasn’t quite the Year of the Linux Tablet, as some might have hoped, and the grand aspirations that some channel partners had for netbooks powered by open source software have all but evaporated by this point. Still, the channel witnessed a number of impressive achievements by open source vendors and developers over the last 12 months. Consider in particular:

The establishment of the OpenStack Foundation, which symbolized the strong growth that open source cloud solutions have enjoyed over the last year, while also providing a basis for continued momentum in this area going into 2013. At this point, the centrality of open source software–including

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