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Ubuntu and Gnome Desktops Deliver Shopping Results

Only a few weeks ago, many Ubuntu loyalists were expressing fury that Canonical decided to incoporate Amazon search results on the Ubuntu desktop. Richard Stallman and Jono Bacon even weighed in on the matter, as did the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Now, starting up a new round of debate, Alen Bell has delivered a Gnome Shell extension that brings online shopping results to Gnome Shell’s Dash. According to some, this extension shows how to deliver shopping results to the Linux desktop correctly. Bell’s extension lets you search for online shopping by hitting a ‘super’ key and then entering your search term. According to Muktware, the extension also takes a different approach to user control than Canonical does: "One of the greatest differences between the implementations is who is in control. Gnome’s Shopping lens shows how it should have been done in the first place as it puts the user in control and not the company whose OS you are using. On the extension page, there is a settings option which allows a user to choose the shopper he/she wants to use. Not only that, if I want to choose Amazon, I can also choose the Amazom for my region by simply

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