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Ubuntu For Phones Announced Today

The mysterious “so close you can almost touch it” countdown from the ubuntu.com website has just expired, revealing a new operating system for mobile phones: Ubuntu Phone OS.Check out the trailer and Mark Shuttleworth’s presentation of Ubuntu Phone OS videos below:(direct video link)(direct video link)According to The Verge, Ubuntu for phones is built around the Android kernel and drivers, but doesn’t use a Java Virtual Machine and also, it supports both ARM and x86 processors.It’s important to note that right now, Canonical tries to find manufacturers to ship with Ubuntu Phone OS, so there’s not an actual phone, but only the platform. Ubuntu phones aren’t yet available for purchase, but we are ready to start working with partners with an aim to releasing phones before the end of 2013.You can see Ubuntu for phones demonstrated at the Ubuntu booth at CES next week and we’ll be showing it again at MWC in Barcelona in February. – Canonical blogJane Silber says on the Canonical blog that Ubuntu for phones will make use of the installable web apps available in Ubuntu 12.10. Also, there’s a QML-based Ubuntu SDK that developers can use to create native apps that work both on the desktop

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