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Going mobile in 2013

Hi folks
You are at the heart of the most important bastion of free software today – giving the world a genuinely free platform for innovation and everyday computing. We can all be very proud of what we have built together.
Today begins a new phase for Ubuntu, and it’s a phase that requires our leadership. We are moving beyond our original goal of delivering existing free software, to creating whole new ecosystems. We have all the tools we need:

strong governance and values
great infrastructure
a commitment to quality and design
world class foundations
community spirit and corporate professionalism, across all members of the team

I’m writing to invite you all to find a part of this that you can participate in with passion. Between all of us, we have the skills to build the crispest, fastest, most beautiful mobile experience. And there is a blank canvas waiting for your contribution and leadership – not only in the core of the platform, with Unity, but across the whole range of apps and capabilities that this mobile world demands.
Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and *create*. Think of an app or system feature that you think is really important to have, apply what we’ve learned

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