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Canonical Promises Smartphones Based on Ubuntu Linux

The “next-generation cross-platform operating system” is on its way to your phone, and it’s called Ubuntu. At least, that’s what Canonical has revealed in an announcement regarding the new direction of its Linux-based OS, which it believes is poised to take multiplatform computing to the next level. It could well do that–provided the hardware compatibility catches up with the developer community and channel partnerships Canonical has been forging around Ubuntu for mobile devices.
In a message released on the eve of the new year, Canonical hinted at a major new Ubuntu-related announcement early in January. My own prediction that the revelation would involve Ubuntu TV proved wrong, but the focus of the actual announcement, which was about Ubuntu for smartphones, didn’t come as a total surprise.
According to Canonical CEO Jane Silber, the company will be working hard in coming months to deliver Ubuntu-powered phones, which she described as “our most important ever product.” Key to this endeavor is the Unity interface, which Canonical will use on Ubuntu mobile devices to provide cross-platform simplicity for users and developers alike.
So far, Silber made clear, Ubuntu phones are not actually on the market. But Canonical plans “to start working with partners with an aim

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