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Undistract-me Notifies You When Terminal Commands Are Completed

Undistract-me is a simple tool that notifies you when a command you run in a terminal which takes longer than ten seconds to finish is done.This can be useful e.g. when you start to compile something and then you switch to some other window to read your emails or whatever and get distracted and forget about the command you ran: Undistract-me displays a notification when the command / job you ran in the terminal is done so you can go back to the terminal and see the final result, etc.There is another way of doing this: using an alias, about which we’ve written a while back. However, using the alias, you must add “alert” at the end of each command you want to be notified for and you may forget to do this sometimes, while using Undistract-me, this is not required and any command that takes more than 10 seconds to complete will trigger a notification.  By default, Undistract-me notifies you when any command that takes longer than 10 seconds to complete is done, but you can change this: edit the /usr/share/undistract-me/long-running.bash file as root and changing the “LONG_RUNNING_COMMAND_TIMEOUT=” variable value from 10 to whatever you want.Install Undistract-me in UbuntuTo

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