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Vacant Developer Membership Board seat: Call for nominations

We will soon have four vacant Developer Membership Board seats. Benjamin Drung, Stéphane Graber, Iain Lane and Cody Somerville will reach the end of their terms on 2013-02-13. This mail is a call for nominations.
The DMB is responsible for reviewing and approving new Ubuntu developers, meeting for about an hour once a fortnight. Candidates should be Ubuntu developers themselves, and should be well qualified to evaluate prospective Ubuntu developers and decide when to entrust them with developer privileges or to grant them Ubuntu membership status.
The new member will be chosen using Condorcet voting. Members of the ubuntu-dev team in Launchpad will be eligible to vote. To ensure that you receive a ballot in the initial mail, please add a visible email address to your Launchpad profile (although there will be an opportunity to receive a ballot after the vote has started if you do not wish to do this).
The term of the new board member will be 2 years. Providing at least five nominations are received, voting will commence on Monday 28th January 2013 and will last for 2 weeks, ending on Monday 11th February
2012. The DMB will confirm the appointments in its next meeting thereafter.
Please send nominations to developer-membership-board

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