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Download AirDroid 2 APK, Now With Remote Camera, Find My Phone Features [Android]

AirDroid 2 – browser interfaceAirDroid is a free Android application that you can use to control your Android device from your desktop, by using a web browser (so it works on any OS). It can be used to transfer files (upload to the phone or download to your desktop), browse images, quickly sens or read an SMS and many others.We’ve covered AirDroid before, so take a look at our initial post for more info. The latest AirDroid 2 beta could only be downloaded by using an invitation, but the apk can now be downloaded by everyone, although it’s not on Google Play just yet. The new version comes with many cool new features such as a new “Find my phone” service, a remote camera feature and others.AirDroid 2 Android appHere are some of the new features available in the latest AirDroid 2:new remote Remote Camera feature: take photos using your phone from a web browser running on your computernew “Find my phone” feature which uses the device GPS to display its current positionyou can now drag and drop files in a special drag’n’drop area to quickly upload them to the Android phone or tablednew option to take a screenshot of

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