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Former Apple Exec Provides Design Concepts Worth Observing

In an interesting recent post, The VAR Guy noted the following: "In the open source channel, many developers could stand to focus a bit less on technology itself, and a bit more on making products look and feel smart, intuitive and elegant–especially when it comes to communicating with end users." The VAR Guy goes on to single out Ubuntu and Canonical’s work with it as an exception, and it is true that Canonical has a better than average grasp on how to leverage good design. Recently, former Apple exec and now Nest CEO Tony Fadell gave an address  providing an inside look at Apple’s design process, which is legendary. Fadell is seen by some as the brains behind the iPod, and his thoughts are worth reading, especially if you’re designing open source tools. As Network World notes, Fadell believes that part of Apple’s success with design comes from the fact that: "…a key and yet often overlooked difference between Apple and other tech companies is that Apple ships 99% of the products that pass certain internal milestones." In other words, engineers at Apple know when they are on the hook to provide game-changing designs that are

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