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Unity Changes – Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

As you probably know, there will be no alpha milestones for Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail and Unity has got some minor, but interesting changes since the Raring development has begun, so I though I’d make a video showing some of these features so you can see what’s new.For instance, in an update last night, the BFB (the Ubuntu logo button used to open Dash) got the new asset (icon) we wrote about a while back. The same update has brought refreshed Launcher tile assets and the removal of the 32px minimum Launcher icon size limit.Also, a few days ago, some new options were added in System Settings > Appearance > Behaviour tab: “Show desktop icon to the launcher” and “Enable workspaces”.And some older changes include:Bigger, chameleonic overlay shortcuts (the shortcut hints displayed on the Unity launcher icons which show up when holding the Super key);Spread improvements such as a selected window outline, better window titlebar and also, the Spread now works properly with all window themes;Improved Dash Previews design (and the previews are a lot faster now by the way);The workspace switcher has a new icon which is dynamic, meaning that the current active desktop is represented by the workspace

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