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On First Anniversary, ownCloud Boasts Strong Growth

It’s now been a full year since ownCloud, the open source data syncing platform, launched as a commercial entity. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical back then that the company would be able to succeed in a market already inundated with competing products. But ownCloud managed to hold its own and more in 2012, and has its sights set on continued expansion in 2013, according to recent statements from the company.
It’s hard to think of a more saturated market than the one for file-syncing platforms. From Dropbox to Google Drive to Canonical‘s Ubuntu One, there are dozens and dozens of software packages to choose from in this category. (See, for example, this very long list.) Meanwhile, the fact that ownCloud’s commercial offerings are based on open source code that anyone can download for free only complicates the challenges the company faces in turning a profit.
Granted, the approach to file-syncing adopted by ownCloud–which, as its name implies, allows organizations to build their own clouds, retaining control of both the hardware and software sides of their data-syncing systems–brings a fresh take to the channel. By itself, though, that’s hardly enough to push customers to ownCloud amid so many competing options.
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