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Ubuntu’s Role in Re-Electing Obama

Canonical likes to brag about Ubuntu‘s presence in places like enterprise desktops and, coming soon, smartphones. This week, however, the company made an even bigger boast by discussing how Ubuntu helped elect a president.
On Jan. 21, the day of Barack Obama’s second inauguration as president of the United States, Canonical published an interview with Harper Reed, CTO of the Barack Obama for America campaign. In the discussion, which appeared on Ubuntu Insights, a web portal unveiled last fall to promote Ubuntu to enterprise customers, Reed commented about the use of Ubuntu and other open source software in the president’s reelection bid.
Ubuntu’s main role, Reed said, was as the basis for the images the campaign ran in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to host its applications. Ubuntu 12.04 powered as many as 1,000 images for Reed’s team, with the number of instances changing constantly as demand for resources fluctuated.
The campaign also deployed other open source software, including MySQL, Ruby on Rails and the Flask framework for Python–which is no surprise, since Reed prominently emphasizes his excitement about the open source movement on his personal blog. He also looks exactly like the kind of CTO you’d expect to endorse Free Software

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