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Unity Reboot (Launcher To Quickly Reboot In A Different OS) Updated For Ubuntu 12.10 And 13.04

Today I’ve updated Unity Reboot to work with the latest GRUB 2.0 available in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04.Unity Reboot is a custom Unity launcher that can be used to quickly reboot into a different OS / Linux distribution, useful for those who dual boot (or triple boot or… it should work with any number of operating systems, including Windows, various Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora, etc.). This isn’t just for Unity and it should also work with docks that support Unity quicklists, like DockBarX, Cairo Dock or Plank.Here’s a screenshot with Unity Reboot in Ubuntu 12.10 on a system on which I triple boot: Ubuntu 12.10, Fedora 18 and Windows 7 (in VirtualBox, set up just for testing this):This is how it works: selecting an entry from the quicklist, the system will reboot and that entry will be selected in the GRUB menu. That means you can still boot to a different OS if you change your mind. You can set the GRUB menu timeout to 0 and you won’t see the GRUB menu and instead, the system will directly reboot into the selected OS. This only applies for that system restart (so only one time) and after that,

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