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Ubuntu Might Become A Rolling Release Distribution Between LTS Releases

Ubuntu may become a rolling release distribution, but keeping LTS (Long Term Release) releases every two years.Leann Ogasawara, Canonical Kernel team manager has said in a recent Google+ hangout that it has been discussed to use a rolling release model between LTS releases. This is just a discussion for now, but it could become a reality starting with Ubuntu 14.04:The plan was by 14.04 to target what we’re calling a rolling release and go from an LTS to LTS only model and eliminate these intermediate releases. That was being discussed earlier, we didn’t set anything in stone but that’s still in the cards as a possibility of happening when we hit the next 14.04 release so it could go from 14.04 to 16.04 and everything in between is what they consider a rolling release […], following the latest package releases, not only for the Kernel but for the entire distribution […].- Leann Ogasawara (approximate quote from the video)If this becomes reality, I’m sure a lot of users will be very happy because they’d get the latest updates for all packages without having to upgrade to a newer Ubuntu release. This might have an impact on stability, but some users already

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